Scenic and exhilarating Horse Trails near Hermanus in the Overberg


Whether you have never been on a horse before or toughened by the saddle, our experienced horse riding instructors will guide you on our trails which takes you either through fynbos, wild flowers, orchards, vineyards or beautiful mountain scenery. We cater for beginners and advanced riders alike – we have horses for young riders and strong horses that can carry up to 100kg. Permitted rider ages: 7-65yrs. PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT offer beach rides.


BOOKINGS: Please look at different trails and timeslots we have to offer then fill in our Enquiry Form on the contact page(make sure it Submits); or call us to secure your booking.

Exclusive Trail

We offer private and exclusive trails at 9:00, 12:00 and 15:30 daily. Ideal for taking that special person or the whole family on a splendid adventure. During these timeslots we only book one group and our guides will give riders special attention and instruction during the ride. Any experience level can be accommodated – walk, trot and canter as per clients needs.

Duration : 2 Hours (30min Pre-ride instruction and 90min outride) 

Exclusive Trail: R500/person, R600/solo  (Early risers 9:00, Noon 12:00 or Sunset Cruise 15:30)

Orchard Trail

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Our Orchard Trail is ideal for beginners or families with young children that would like to experience an adventure on horseback in beautiful surroundings. We keep the duration of this trail 60 minutes to ensure riders have a good first time experience. We focus on handling the horse correctly and maybe introducing you to your first trot. Available daily 8:30, 11:00, 13:30 or 16:00. We can accommodate 1 to 10 riders at a time on this trail. PLEASE NOTE that occasionally we might join different groups together if there are numerous enquiries. 

Duration : 1,5 Hours (30min Pre-ride instruction and 60min outride)

Orchard Trail: R400 / person, Solo Rider: R500 



Cross Country Trail

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Have you mastered showjumping in the arena and are looking for some lovely obstacles in pristine Fynbos? Why not try out our own beautifully designed 3,9km Cross Country trail? There are a couple of ditches to steer through and thirty natural obstacles (30-40cm) that needs maneuvering and jumping. With any obstacle you will have the option of completing it or steering around it. Our guides will make sure all riders are comfortable at all times, move at a speed they prefer and give the necesary instruction to make this one of your most memorable experiences on horseback.

Duration : 2 Hours (30min Pre-ride instruction and 90min fast paced trail) Option 8:30 or 15:30

Cross Country Trail: R600 / person (1-6 riders), Solo rider R700

Sumaridge Scenic Trail

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If you are an experienced rider that longs for a relaxing, scenic ride with lots of walking and trotting; and the odd canter here and there; we highly recommend this trail. Starting off through apple orchards, vineyards, pine forests and a stud farm, you finally reach Sumaridge Cellar. From here there is spectacular views over the Valley. On your way back you will either meander along the banks of the De Bos dam or trek through Volmoed up the winding Fynbos track towards the stables.

Duration: 2.5 hours (15-30min Pre-Ride instruction and 2 hour Trailride)

Cost: R600 / person (1-8 riders), Solo riders R700


The Bosman Frame House Trail


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The Bosman Frame House is complimented by the aromatic smell of the indigenious fynbos, majestic mountains and fertile soil. Innocently draped in pure white, this frame house is the perfect destination to our guests who would appreciate a stroll on horseback for beginners or an exhilarating ride with lots of trotting and cantering possibilities for our experienced guests.

Whether it is wine-tasting on the deck overlooking the vines, or a light meal for two to enjoy, this experience promises to be delightfully , dreamily and memorable.  

We can accommodate 2-8 riders – (beginners to experienced welcome.)

Duration: approx 2.5 hours (15 min pre-ride instruction and 2hr 30 min trail and wine tasting)

Cost: R600 / person (minimum 2 riders)

Add R80 / person for winetasting. Please visit https://bosmanhermanus.com/ for more details – click on logo below to be redirected to their website.

Rotary Trail

The Rotary Trail is considered one of the most scenic trails that you will experience on horseback. A lovely long trail meandering through vineyards and mountainous Fynbos with ample opportunities for trotting and cantering. Trail suited for experienced riders only. Available January to November.

Duration: Approximately 4,5 hours

Cost: R1000/person (minimum 2 riders)

Other options.....

Looking for something different….? How about tailoring our Standard Trail into a Special event? We can customize the trail into a picnic, kiddie party, engagement photoshoot or just sundowners in the mountain with magnificent views. Maybe a teambuilding Cattle Drive or as the Aussies call it: “Muster!”

Or that young daughter of yours that adores horses and would like to take her friends for her birthday to our picnicspot on horseback. 

Please note: during peak season(Des-Jan) these options might not be available.

How about some private lessons for yourself or your child? We have 2 lunge rings and arena on the farm. The options are countless…speak to us