Meet Our Team


Best Mukuva

Trail guide and Livery Manager

Best has been with our Yard since December 2021. He is a very friendly and dedicated person that is always considering the horses and clients’ welfare in everything he does. He is especially great in motivating  young or nervous riders- maybe because he has three children himself. When he is not at the Trails, he is managing the Livery Yard.

Cassidy Blomerus

Trail guide and Trails Manager

Cassidy is our latest team member. She has just finished school and has a passion for horses and life in general. She has a calm and reassuring manner – an ideal character trait when working with horses and clients.

Francois Hein

Groom and Stable hand at Livery Yard

Francois is the man behind the scenes making sure the stables, tack and paddocks are well maintained and the horses are cared for daily. Francois helps with health checks, lunging, feeding, and the list just keeps going. He loves what he does and you’ll see it when you visit our Livery Yard.

John Booisen

Groom and Stable hand at Livery Yard

John is the other man behind the scenes maintaining the Livery Yard to ensure a top quality service. John has own herd that he is responsible for. He handles the horses in a very soft and respectful manner.

Nick Khebo

Groom and Stablehand at Trails

Nick is responsible for the health and welfare of the Trails herd. He’s also the man keeping the stables, tack and facilities neat and tidy. Working mostly behind the scenes he’ll help to make your experience at Heaven and Earth Trails a truely remarkable event.

Danie van Zyl

Horse owner and stand-in guide

Danie has been managing Karweyderskraal Farm since 2005 and his love for horses only developed in 2010 when he and his wife Sonja bought two mares – not knowing they were actually pregnant at that stage. Later that year Sirocco and Allegro was born and they are currently two of “The Dream Team” that numerous riders have come to know.



Born and bred on Karweyderskraal this Thoroughbred X mare is a pure delight to ride and has an inquisitive nature. She’s part of “The Dream Team” with impeccable behaviour, yet some days her cheekiness brings delight to her spectators and we love her all the more for it.


Also born on Karweyderskraal this Boerperd X gelding will enter a warzone with you and not flinch at the drop of a bomb. Laid back and mellow – novice riders adore him, but put an experienced rider on Sirocco and he becomes an intercontinental ballistic missile with power steering(If that’s your thing).


Also nicknamed “Houdini” because of his ingenious ways of escaping from any paddock or gated enclosure. “Nappi” is the third member of “The Dream Team” and willing do anything his rider asks him to. He has phenomenal endurance and power but even the tiniest of riders can control him.


Meet Buck – the Boerperd X Saddlebred gelding we know very little of, except that he has the softest, kindest eyes of all our horses. We rescued Buck from a drought stricken farm in the beginning of 2017 and since then he has become a very reliable steed with good work ethics.


This young mare is a pure bred SA Vlaam from Williston. We acquired her to pull our carriage but these days she helps out with the trails (if we can steal her away from Sonja). She’s unique for 3 reasons – her excessive flatulence, she’s our only Afrikaans horse and my wife Sonja adores her – so be very fortunate if you happen to ride Juliet.

Tooings “Mr T”

Tooings is an inquisitive and affectionate Boerperd gelding. His nickname  “Mr T” was given by Bronwyn since his Dutch name “Tooings” is difficult to pronounce in English. Very sensitive to his rider’s commands – Tooings handles nimbly and precise. Therefore, a great asset when mustering cattle.

Poker Knight

An off the track Thoroughbred who won a couple of races at Kenilworth and Durbanville. Our own “Chuck Norris” have the greatest character you’ll ever find in a horse. When mustering cattle, Poker will batter through bushes -rather than around them and whatever you do – don’t whisper “Let’s go boy” in his ears, otherwise he will gallop ahead at full.

Tibby “A Little Tibsy”

Another Off the Track Thoroughbred, “A Little Tibsy” competed at Turffontein where she did exceptionally well especially in the longer races, before she ended up on Karweyderskraal. She is the fastest horse of the herd but on an outride she will be far behind – dragging her feet and plodding on like a donkey. Kids and novice riders enjoy her for it.


Amirah – born in 2014 on the farm– she’s one of our younger team members. Her sire is Amir, an Arabian stallion from McGregor. She has an incredible willingness to learn and work, and she never runs out of energy – very muck like the Duracell bunnies.

Pearly Rock “Rocky”

Pearly is a Thoroughbred that was never raced due to conformity issues, but he has found a loving home at our Yard. Experienced riders enjoy him especially since he is such an independant gelding with a great work ethic.


Milesanmore joined our team from a nearby studfarm. She is a very comfortable ride with exceptional good brakes. Beginners through to experienced riders all enjoy her. When she first arrived she was very wary of people but all the love and attention we flooded her paid off and she’s become a beautiful responsive mare.

Shaboom Shaboom

“Life could be a dream”. As the song states it is quite a dream to ride Shaboom. Another Thoroughbred mare from a nearby studfarm that found her home to our Yard and into our hearts. She’s a lovely mare that is not very forward going and ideally suited to beginners or young nervous riders.